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Violentia Cover

Violentia (2018) [720p & 1080p] Bluray Free Movie Watch Online & Download

Drama, Sci-Fi
720p | 1080p
1280*566 | 1920*848
723.25 MB | 1.36 GB
1hr 25 min
23.976 fps


Dr. Adam Anderson (David Lewis), pioneer in the field of nanobiotechnology, has ambitions to use his life's work to develop a cure for memory based cognitive disorders. Having invented a revolutionary technology that can pinpoint and recreate specific memories, his research is abruptly cut short as government funds are re-distributed in an effort to combat the severe issue of ultra-violence that plagues society. Approached by Dr. Rachel Porter (Emily Holmes) of the Mansingh Research Centre (MRC), Adam is given the opportunity to breath new life into his research, albeit taking it in a different direction entirely, as part of a government sanctioned project. He is offered the chance to test his technology on a human subject as he has so long craved to do so, recreating the memories of a psychopath in an effort to determine patterns and root causes of violent behaviour, with the ultimate goal of discovering a universally applicable treatment. After wrangling with the ulterior political ...

Posted on: May 24th, 2019

Posted by: king

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