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Dave returns home after spending several days with the Spelling family as they deal with the death of patriarch Aaron Spelling. Later, Sean discusses his music career with his father, Rod Stewart. Later on, he confides to his friend Joser that he thinks others, including his father, do not think he can succeed as a singer, to which Joser replies that it's really up to Sean to believe that he can do it. Meanwhile, David tends to his clients, including the rapper Kurupt, also an aspiring actor and a colleague of Snoop Dogg. Elsewhere, Dave talks to Randy about his sister Tori's behavior during their father's funeral and the bitter feud between Tori and their mother, Candy. All three Sons meet up at a restaurant where things get silly, and tensions are broken with a mock food fight. Dave and Randy decide to visit Aaron Spelling's star in the Walk of Fame. When they return home, Dave and Randy are told by Sean that he has hired hookers!


Posted on: August 13th, 2019

Posted by: king

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