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The Cable Guy Cover

The Cable Guy (1996) [720p & 1080p] Bluray Free Movie Watch Online & Download

Comedy, Drama, Thriller
English, French
720p | 1080p
1280*534 | 1920*800
808.55 MB | 1.52 GB
1hr 36 min
23.976 fps


Steven Kovak has been kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend. Steven has a new apartment, and decides to slip the cable guy (Chip) $50 for free cable. Steven then fakes an interest in Chip's line of work. However Chip takes this to heart trying to become Steven's best bud. When Steven no longer wants to be Chips friend the man who can do it all goes on an all out assault to ruin Steven's life. In the backdrop is the delicate sub-plot of the trial of a former kid star for murdering his brother.

Posted on: September 9th, 2019

Posted by: filmxy

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