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Terminator Dark Fate (2019)

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R | IMDb 7.0/10 | 2h 8min

Before I delve into my review for Terminator: Dark Fate, I feel it is only right that I confess that I am a massive fan of The full movie Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I’ve watch both movie online hundreds of times on Filmxy, if not into the thousands of times. They played a big part during my formative years and I basically worshiped at the alter of Sarah Connor. Then came Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which was just all wrong, right from it’s opening monologue (John Connor is ten during the events of T2, not thirteen). Terminator Salvation did what its name suggests and salvaged some of the franchise’s dignity. That dignity was once again stripped away in Terminator Genisys the whole film felt like average cosplayers acting out weak fan fiction. It goes without saying then that my hopes of Terminator: Dark Fate being any good were pretty low.

Now you can free download this movie and the only spark of hope lay with the involvement of James Cameron, the creator of the series, and the return of Linda Hamilton as warrior-mother Sarah Connor. Hamilton’s voice was heard in T3 and Salvation, but she has waited until film six to get back in front of the camera. But was her return worth it? Watch it yourself and download the other movies Terminator 3 Rise Of the Machines (2003)

Stars : Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong

Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Country : China, USA


Posted on: October 24th, 2019

Posted by: shadow

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