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Extra Ordinary (2019)

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R | IMDb 6.7/10 | 1hr 34 min

That rare beast, the funny, Irish, comedy feature film is back again in the form of Extra Ordinary, which follows the supernatural adventures of Rose Dooley (Maeve Higgins), a psychic paranormal expert, who tries to pursue the ordinary life as a driving instructor since having inadvertently caused her fatherโ€™s death many years before when the two of them tried to save a dog from a haunted pothole. You know how these things go.

But this full movie is about ordinary life is not to be; local widower Martin Martin (Barry Ward) reaches out for help with his abusive dead spouse who wonโ€™t move on to the afterlife. Though Rose initially refuses to help him, his second call for help with his levitating, comatose daughter is one she feels she canโ€™t watch or refuse and sure she fancies Martin anyway. What they donโ€™t know is that these coma/levitation shenanigans are the result of satanic dabbling by the local, evil, failed rock star, Christian Winter. Yes, Christian Winter not Chris De Burgh. He plans to sacrifice the virginal girl to Ostrogoth and revive his failed music career; as you do.

Directors Enda Loughman and Mike Ahern have created their own satanic alliance, ignoring the sacred rules of co-directing by not being siblings and it has paid off quite nicely with this clever, funny little film.  With a matter-of-fact attitude, blending the ordinary and banal with cheap shocks and fantastic absurdity, Extra Ordinary builds its humor gently before you can free download and finally reaching hysterical proportions in its final scenes.

Stars : Maeve Higgins, Barry Ward, Will Forte

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Country : Belgium


Posted on: October 22nd, 2019

Posted by: king

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