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10 Minutes Gone (2019)

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R | IMDb 4.7/10 | 1hr 29 min

A crime thriller that centers on a man whose memory has been lost due to a bank heist gone wrong. The character will need to piece together the missing 10 minutes from his memory in order to determine who sabotaged him.

Predictable.. You would think I would know by now Bruce Willis is a one dimensional Actor. He has the same mono tone voice in EVERY movie and the same grimace on his face in EVERY movie he has ever made. Will gas no depth as an Actor, everyone else is forgettable. No originality in this movie at all. Now I see why it skipped the theater.


And trust tme i’ve watched some bad movies online in my time but this one is something else.The full movie is unwatchable in one word. Had to bail after 45 minutes. It’s like the director gave them all the same instruction…”Don’t act! Just say the words on the page as flat and as dry as you can”. I have no idea why the cast they had signed on to do this. Avoid at all costs. But if you have extra time download it from Filmxy for free.

Stars : Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis, Meadow Williams

Genre : Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Country : Canada, USA


Posted on: September 29th, 2019

Posted by: king

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